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quadris 2 - Le Tisane di Zahara

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-Balance of body weight
-Control of the sense of hunger
-Metabolism metabolism
-Regularity of intestinal transit
-Drainage of body fluids
- Purifying functions of the organism
-Tonic (physical tiredness, mental)
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TISANEs activate the fat burning metabolism, 100% natural and easy to use.
They are a mix of herbs that do not assimilate 40% of what you eat.
QUADRIS 2 consists of:
-Tisana Brucia Forte to prepare in 1 liter and a half of water
boil and drink during the day.
-Tisana Night you drink in the evening you boil in 250ml.
-Depur Slim Aloe helps diuresis, it dilutes
1 scoop in a liter of water to drink in the day
-Termogen drink 2 scoops of 20 ml one in the morning before breakfast
and one in the afternoon
It can be taken pure or diluted in a beverage.
Duration of treatment about 30 days.

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We will give you further explanations and tips for use.
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