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QUESTION ANSWER - Le Tisane di Zahara

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What are Zahara's teas and how are they used?

Zahara's teas are a 100% herbal mix
In every product there are daily doses and quantities
precise to be able to prepare every Tisana.

What is the basic program to lose 10 kilos?
How long they last? The price?

The program is "Tris base":
Burning-Night-Depur slim aloe.
The Bruciaforte are 14 herbs, 370 gr, lasts 45 days
cost € 43.00.
The night herbal tea are 8 herbs, 100 gr, lasts 1 month
cost € 17.00.
Depur Slim Aloe 200 ml, lasts 15 days
cost € 28.00

I am very hungry nervous what can you advise me?

Termogen tablets enhance
the effects of herbal teas and reduce the sense of hunger.

They are in menopause. I want to accelerate my metabolism
do you have a specific program?

The suitable program is the Quadris 2 package:
Burning, Night, Bonware, Depur slim aloe.
The herbal tea and the night act on a sense of satiety,
Drainage of liquids, do not absorb 40% of what you eat,
they burn fat, activate the metabolic system of lipids.

Do I need to follow a diet?
Do you have a food plan?

Controlled feeding is essential,
we have food plans that we attach in the package
together with herbal teas.

I have a lot of cellulite, do you have a program for that too?

The cellulite package is designed to reduce imperfections of the
cellulite is composed of 3 products:
Blueberry aloe vera: a liquid that must be drunk pure or diluted in water 1 scoop
in the morning.
Cellulix tea: a mix of herbs to be placed about 3 grams of product in 250ml
of cold water, bring to a boil, strain and drink one cup in the morning and one in the afternoon.
Depu slim aloe: a liquid that is diluted in a liter of water and drink during the day
away from meals (1 scoop of 10 ml)

I am a man, I need to lose weight you have products from
advise me?

I would recommend the Brucia di Più-tisana Notte-Bonware- Slim liquid tonic or tablets,
all followed by a food plan. The "Intense Men's Package" is the right one for you.
I have thyroid problems, can I take your teas?

Of course, we have the "Bruciaforte senza fucus"
and the "Day without Fucus" Tisana
in fact the supplements containing iodine
like the fucus would go to
affect the functionality of the drugs taken.

Your herbal teas can also take girls with problems of
overweight or obesity?

Sure, there are some products specially designed for them. They are good, flavored and sweetened with stevia. They act on the metabolism of lipids and fat burners. They keep a sense of hunger. Younger Herbal Tea, Younger Concentrate and Yonger Juice

After buying the products, will I be followed by you?
Can I contact you if I have problems?

Without a shadow of a doubt you can call us or send us a message
whatsapp or sms
at the following telephone numbers:
Simonetta 3339026266
Barbara 3400612850
Elizabeth 3297179120

on our Facebook page
Do not hesitate to contact us!
Your every doubt or problem solved
it means good success
of the program.

Did not we answer all your questions?
Fill in the fields below we will reply to you
as soon as possible.

GORELLI SIMONETTA via degli Olmini,6
P.IVA 01613970530
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